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The staff of Forensic Science Associates have been involved in many cases which were not only fascinating but which have, in some instances, shaped the profession of Forensic Science. As time permits, we will either create summary descriptions of some of these cases or provide links to other sites where the cases are discussed. As a start, we encourage our readers to review the case of Guy Paul Morin, one of the most important forensic science cases in at least a generation.
Guy Paul Morin Guy Paul Morin was first acquitted then later convicted of murdering 9 year old Christine Jessop in Ontario, Canada in 1987. In 1995, new DNA examinations exonerated Mr. Morin, leading to an investigation by the Ontario Provincial Authorities into how the miscarriage of justice could have occurred. The investigation ultimately revealed serious problems in the examination of evidence, reporting of findings, and testimony by personnel of the Center for Forensic Sciences Laboratory in Toronto. These problems included specific errors of judgment and practice by the scientists but also very significant systemic problems with laboratory system. Many of these problems are undoubtedly shared by the majority of operational forensic science laboratories in the world. After an exhaustive investigation, an excellent, comprehensive report was issued in 1998. This report should be required reading not only for every practicing forensic scientist but also every laboratory administrator, student, and attorney involved in forensic science. Begin with the Executive Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations, then continue your reading as your interests indicate.

(Forensic Science Associates served as consultants to the defense in both trials of Mr. Morin. Dr. Blake also testified in the subsequent investigative hearings into the case.)

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